Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bluetooth software for iphone

Iphone can't send or receive data via BLUETOOTH?
If your are not jailbroken then yes it is right but if you are jailbroken then it is totally wrong. Yes here is the software for Bluetooth called iBLUENOVA. By ibluenova you can send or receive files easily via bluetooth.
iBluenova will be free for first 15 days, then need to download the license to use it. But who want its license if he could get it for free. Yes you can got it for FREE. Here are some easy steps for this :

1. Go to CYDIA.

2. Got MANAGE> Sources

3. In sources tap edit and add this source

4. Then go to this added sources and download iBLUENOVA cracked.

5. So thats done. ENJOY !!!

Here are some screen shots for this app



  1. Hey ibluenova is not sending files to my bros fone... sometimes it worked sometimes not.. any suggestions??

  2. same problem here.... the other fone is Nokia N97??

  3. hey guyz close all the applications on the other phone and then do sending... It ll surely works now.. :-)

  4. Worked fine now ..... welldone genius ;-)